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Ten postal history items we'd love to own
Postal history items can provide a fascinating insight into our past, featuring markings and stamps that often tell a…
23 November 2018
Sputnik and the space race on stamps
The Russian Sputnik programme triggered off the space race, changed the way we communicate and gave philatelists an…
04 November 2018
How to collect zeppelin covers
In the early 20th century, the Graf Zeppelin airship made pioneering flights across South and North America, creating an…
28 October 2018
The 1840 Mulready postal stationery
Mulready stationery appeared at the same time as the Penny Black and Twopenny Blue, in May 1840, and was expected to be…
27 January 2018
Autumn Stampex 2017 display: the stamps and postal history of Hungary
As Hungary celebrates 150 years of stamps, Bill Hedley FRPSL provides an introduction to the twenty-frame exhibit at…
24 July 2017
Collecting postal history by British county
Postal history expert John Scott introduces his new series of guides to collecting postal history, featured in every…
22 July 2016
‘NEW YORK PO’ cover fetches £1,869
A cover sent from Boston to London in 1838 was recently sold at Robert A Siegel Auction Galleries.
14 April 2016
Stamp collector interview - William H Gross on collecting rare stamps
Stamp & Coin Mart asks William H Gross, the wealthy investment manager and philatelist, about his incredible stamp…
01 April 2016
Special report from the launch of The Postal Museum brand
We report from the launch of The Postal Museum brand, the new name for the British Postal Museum & Archive, which took…
09 March 2016

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