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08 July 2020
David Bailey has been trading in Portobello Market since 1993. Post-Covid, he is moving more online with mini-sheets and multiples.

SG 8 with margins on three sides and light MXcancels. BUY NOW: £60

SG 43 44 Plate 87 in a fine mint block of four. BUY NOW: £40

SS 172 x 4 Faint trace of a hinge remainder. BUY NOW: £5

SG 208 A fine block of four – seldom seen. BUY NOW: £30

SG 211 Light cancels and brilliant colour BUY NOW: £75

SG 221 Not often seen in sixes. BUY NOW: £20

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SG 249 A nice, lightly-cancelled block. BUY NOW: £40

SG 257 Light cancels and fine colours. BUY NOW: £34

SG 413a Light cancels and near-perfect centring. BUY NOW: £65

SG 416 used in Constantinople. BUY NOW: £55

SG 452 A fine used block to complete the set. BUY NOW: £75

SG 478 The ‘ten bob dark’ in a fine used block of six. BUY NOW: £75