Partner Showcase: The British Library Philatelic Collections


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01 July 2020
We're delighted to be hosting a series of insightful video talks from Richard Morel, one of the curators of The British Library Philatelic Collections. Find out more about the collections and how you can see some of the stamps for yourself…

The British Library has pre-eminent world holdings of stamps, revenue stamps, postal history and related materials.

The British Library Philatelic Collections are the National Philatelic Collections of the United Kingdom. The collections were established in 1891 with the bequest of the Tapling Collection, and now about 50 important collections or archives are held, all of which have been acquired by bequest, or transfer from Government departments.

The total holdings consist of over eight million items, representing almost all countries and periods.

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Such a diverse range of material, together with photographs, general reference material, maps, newspapers and official publications elsewhere in the Library, make the British Library one of the world's most important centres for philatelic research.

Find out more at The British Library website 

In normal circumstances, visitors to The British Library can browse many frames of philatelic material - the frames are located at the entrance to the cafeteria. However the Library is not yet fully open, read more here.

With thanks to Richard Scott Morel, Curator, British Library Philatelic Collections.