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09 August 2020
In this RPSL seminar, Kim Stuckey FRPSL and Mike Roberts FRPSL, with input from the Falkland Islands Government Archivist Tansy Bishop, discuss how putting archive information online has assisted philatelic research of this remote territory.

The Falkland Islands Government invested in a custom archives building in 1998 that houses the Jane Cameron National Archives.

The discussion covered such topics as the history of the Archives, the facilities in the Archives today, traditional research by visiting Port Stanley, and research that can be undertaken online.

Kim Stuckey and Mike Roberts have visited the archives in Stanley several times, most recently in 2014. This has led to the publishing of monographs and articles on aspects of Falklands philately. They are now users of the online facility to supplement research.

This free event was live via Zoom and was open to all those interested in the subject. A recording of the event can be viewed below…

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