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08 June 2021
The results of the latest All About Stamps Competition are in! Find out who won the one-page challenge…

The third All About Stamps competition focussed on modern stamps, challenging collectors to present a one-page story or article using only stamps issued during or after the year 2000.

Once again we were hugely impressed by the entries which have come from all over the world. You can view all of the entries at:

And the winner is…

We're delighted to announce that the winner of the competition is Glenn Morgan, for his entry on 'Securing Modern Stamps' - Congratulations to Glenn who wins the coveted All About Stamps Medal! 

The two runners-up were:

Editor Matt Hill said: 'It's so exciting to be running the competitions, we never know what we're going to get and the entries never fail to inform and entertain, proving that collectors are a very knowledgeable lot! 

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'The aim of the one-page competitions is to encourage collectors to showcase their collections, no matter what level they are at and no matter what stamps they collect. It's open to all, so why not have a go next time?'

Regular readers will know the All About Stamps Competition was launched back in July 2020 and thanks to the popularity of the project, we're now running the competition once a quarter, giving you four chance to win each year. Watch this space for details of our next competition!

Why not enter our next competition?

If you're new to displaying stamps, then the All About Stamps Competition could be just for you. We're keen for the competition to be fun and relatively simple, giving everyone the opportunity to take part, and so all it takes is a little time, a selection of stamps, and your imagination and expertise!

Why not have a go next time and your stamps could be featured here on the website and in Stamp Collector magazine? Sign up to the FREE All About Stamps newsletter to keep updated on our competitions.

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