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The All About Stamps one-page competition, which forms part of the festival, is kindly supported by the ABPS, experts in exhibiting stamps. Find out more and why not join your local society today?

The Association of British Philatelic Societies (ABPS) is the National Organisation catering for the needs of collectors through the Federations and local societies and those interested in philately.

Membership of the Association falls into various categories being Federations, Specialist, National and Local Societies and Overseas Societies.

A special category of Patrons and Friends has been created for those interested in the work of the Association and are valuable in assisting the Association to achieve its aims. These individuals receive the ABPS news and can attend the Annual General Meeting without voting rights.

ABPS is the National organisation in charge of exhibiting in the United Kingdom, and for international purposes is the representative face of British philately overseas.

The inaugural All About Stamps Competition is part of the Summer of Stamps Virtual Festival and is supported by the ABPS.

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The Competition challenges collectors around the world to produce a one-page entry on a subject of their choice, with the overall winner receiving the All About Stamps Medal. Find out more and enter now!

Find out more about the ABPS at:

With thanks to Graham Winters FRPSL and Simon Richard FRPSL.