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01 July 2020
The Postal Museum brings five centuries of communications history to life, and amongst its many artefacts and collections are many rare British stamps. Find out more about the festival partner and start planning your trip!

The Postal Museum reveals the surprising and fascinating story of the first social network and makes the extraordinary collections available and enjoyable for all.

From interactive galleries to an immersive subterranean rail ride, modern research facilities to a wide-range of learning activities, The Postal Museum offers something for everyone, from all backgrounds and of all ages.

Ultimately, behind The Postal Museum lies the Postal Heritage Trust, an independent charity created to protect and share this rich history.

Due to current circumstances, The Postal Museum is currently closed, meaning the festival content gives you a unique glimpse into the organisation and its collections. A statement from the Museum explained:

'We will open again later in the year and until then, we will continue to share stories of extraordinary communication from our archives and collections. It has been a pleasure to see the new and engaging ways that people are experiencing and discovering our collections and we will continue to share our stories throughout closure.'

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Find out more about The Postal Museum on the website:

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Festival content provided and supported by The Postal Museum will be listed here once published…

With thanks to Eliska Bejrova, PR and Social Media Officer, The Postal Museum 

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