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09 July 2020
The Postal History Society was founded in 1936 and is one of the oldest societies in the world to specialise in postal history.

The adhesive postage stamp was invented not to be collected but to facilitate the posting of letters. Postal history is all about the history of written communication, worldwide.

  • Who was writing to whom, and why
  • The stationery which they used;
  • The method and charge for the payment of postage
  • The Post Office’s treatment of the letter in transit
  • The route taken and the type of transport used and the arrival at the destination, along with all the factors which might delay or prevent receipt – disaster, war, disease etc.

These are among the huge range of subjects which our members collect and study.

While Covid19 has curtailed the Society’s programme of meetings, the quarterly colour journal ‘Postal History’ brings together members from across the globe and provides a forum for discussion, problem solving and the dissemination of original research. Recent articles have included:

  • ‘The Mail Service from Belgian Congo during WWII’.
  • ‘Postal Censorship at Gibraltar during WWII’.
  • ‘The Postal Stationery of Welfare Organisations in WWII’.
  • ‘Australian Mail Contract Sailings 1854-57’.
  • ‘The Introduction of the Krag Continuous Impression machines’.
  • ‘Terminus Mail Car Markings of the Southern Pacific Railway’.
  • ‘The First Free Handstamps of the British Franking System’.
  • ‘Mails to and from the Cape of Good Hope 1811-19’

To obtain your free copy of the journal just send your name and address to [email protected]

The Society also publishes a range of books of which 24 titles are currently in print. Among those available currently are:

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  • ‘The British Post Office in Colombia 1821-81’ by Malcolm Bentley. £35.00
  • ‘Posted in Advance for Christmas 1902-09’ by Patrick Campbell. £25.00
  • ‘Adhesive Wafer Seals’ by Michael Champness & David Trapnell(published by CHP). £25.00
  • ‘The British Postal Service in Morocco 1749-1906’ by Richard Garcia. £50.00
  • ‘Ship Letters’ by John Hendy. £10.00
  • ‘Great Britain: Secured Delivery leading to Registration 1450-1862’ by Alan Holyoake. £5
  • ‘The British Post Office from 1635 Inception through to the Introduction and First Day Usage of the Postage Stamp’ by Alan Holyoake. £5.00
  • ‘The Postal Historical Significance of Prepaid Postal Stationery’ by Alan Huggins. £5.00
  • ‘Early Routings of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. 1842-79’ by Phil Kenton & Harry Parsons. £15.00
  • ‘German Occupation of Belgium & North Eastern France 1914-18’ by Robin Pizer. £20.00
  • ‘The Domestic Packets between Great Britain and Ireland 1635-1840’. £5.00
  • ‘A Postcard from Tangier: A Postal & Social History 1880-1958’ by David Stotter. £45.00

To order please email [email protected] to ascertain availability, cost of postage and method of payment.

The Postal History Society welcomes new members, whatever their level of knowledge, from absolute beginner to specialist. UK membership costs £24 per annum which includes four editions of ‘Postal History’ and access to one of the UK’s largest specialist libraries.

Further details can be found on the Society’s website at


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