Manx Christmas Prayer Book 250th anniversary stamps from Isle of Man Post Office


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04 November 2015
2015_TO31_ManxChristmasPrayerBook_MintSet-88008.jpg Manx Christmas Prayer Book stamps
The 250th anniversary of the first prayer book published in Manx is to be marked with the issue of five stamps from Isle of Man Post Office.

Isle of Man artist Julia Ashby Smyth has created new drawings focused on a selection of Manx words and religious emblems, to reflect the importance of the prayer book, which was published by the Manx clergy in December 1765.

This was the first prayer book written in Manx Gaelic available to church goers in the Isle of Man; it had been translated by Bishop Phillips in 1610, then forgotten for more than a century, before the island's religious leaders re-discovered the text and arranged for its publication.

The Manx language is closely related to both Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic and although only spoken fluently by a small percentage of Isle of Man residents, is currently enjoying a resurgence, with official signage on the island written in both English and Manx, as well as a growing number of history and heritage resources.

Issue details

Issue date: 23 October 2015
Design: EJC Design
Artist: Julia Ashby Smyth
Printer: Lowe Martin Group
Size: 32mm x 26mm
Process: Offset lithography


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