New President for the Royal Philatelic Society London


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10 June 2019
Richard Stock FRPSL has become the new President of the Royal Philatelic Society London, taking over from Patrick Maselis RDP FRPSL

At its Annual General Meeting on 20 June, The Royal Philatelic Society London elected Richard Stock FRPSL as its new President.


Also confirmed in office were Vice Presidents Peter Cockburn FRPSL and Mike J.Y. Roberts FRPSL.


Jon Aitchison FRPSL was elected Honorary Secretary, with Simon Richards FRPSL as Honorary Treasurer, and Ben Palmer FRPSL as Honorary Librarian.



Thanks were extended to Patrick Maselis RDP FRPSL for his generosity and warm personality shown throughout his two years as President.


Illustration: Richard Stock FRPSL (left) is welcomed as the new President of The Royal Philatelic Society London by retiring President, Patrick Maselis RDP FRPSL.


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