Collector entertains at Chelmsford And District Philatelic Society


11 December 2019
The recent Chelmsford And District Philatelic Society meeting saw Stuart Henderson from Ilford entertain members with a range of topics under the heading ‘Stuart Henderson Entertains’.

The first topic was covers displaying propaganda during and immediately following the Second World War from a large number of Empire countries and protectorates.

His second several frames were in respect of weather stations and their postal services in the remote arctic regions of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Next up was a small display covering a short-lived and unsuccessful initiative from New Zealand to advertise on the back of postage stamps. A more successful venture was then displayed from Belgium, where se-tenant labels were produced advertising products ranging from fish oils to car headlights.

Stuart then displayed Swiss publicity tourist labels, followed by covers from the inter-war years celebrating and promoting aviation events which were very popular at the time, particularly in France.

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The final section displayed stamps by Harrisons the printers for a London Stamp Exhibition as samples in an attempt to successfully be employed by the GPO.

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