Milton Keynes Philatelic Society celebrate 40th anniversary


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25 July 2019
Milton Keynes Philatelic Society are celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year with a limited edition commemorative cover

Milton Keynes Philatelic Society are celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year.  Back in 1979 the Society started with just a handful of members and has grown steadily in numbers over the years continuing with its original aim of assisting with, and promoting, the world’s greatest hobby, that is of course Stamp Collecting.

The Stamp Club now has several members with over 30 years’ membership.  Indeed, Mr Pete Garner, the only surviving founder member, and its current President, who until suffering a stroke in 2015 hadn’t missed a single meeting in almost 36 years.  

The club produced commemorative covers for their 21st and 25th Anniversaries, and the handstamp for their 40th is once again based on the late Mr Chris Garner’s design.  

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The Limited Edition cover will be given to anyone attending the 40th Anniversary Stamp Fair on Saturday 7th September 2019, 10am to 4pm.  Note the picture on the cover is of the Methodist Hall, Queensway, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK2 2HB the same hall where the club has held all its meetings.  Stamp Fairs have been held since 1982, and of course are always in their same hall.

The Stamp Fairs are very friendly you will be sure of a warm welcome, not to mention many homemade cakes to tempt you, or a tasty bacon roll made to order. There will be a mixture of Stamp Dealers and members selling stamps and covers, so you never do know what you will find.  

Further celebrations are planned this year, including a special 40th Anniversary Party in December, which joining with the Christmas Party promises good food and entertainment. 

For further information on the Stamp Fair or joining the Milton Keynes Philatelic Society please call 01908 521220 or visit

EXCLUSIVE subscription offer for society members: 12 issues of Stamp Collector for just £25.