Stamp Quiz - October 2021


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09 September 2021
Improve your grasp of philately and you’ll soon improve your stamp collection, and gain much more satisfaction from the hobby. So what better way to test that knowledge than with our regular philatelic quiz…

Why exactly did some of our post boxes turn gold back in 2012? What happened to stamp-issuing entity Heligoland? And how much do you really know about floating post, pigeon post, or pony post? Find out in this month’s philatelic exam. No conferring, turn over your papers, you may begin…

Stamp Quiz - October 2021

  1. Why were several pillar boxes across Great Britain painted gold in 2012?

  2. Why were stamps issued in 1891 by Tierra del Fuego?

  3. Which creature featured on Australia’s 1s green issue of 1959?

  4. In addition to HMQ, whose portrait appears on the Antigua 2c of 1961?

  5. What are the people seen on this stamp doing? (Clue: The year was 1965)

  6. What was pigeon post mail officially known as on Great Barrier Island, New Zealand?

  7. Which country used floating mail stamps, and why?

  8. Between which two US cities did the Pony Express carry mail in 1861?

  9. What is xylography?

  10. In which year did Great Britain cede Heligoland to Germany?

How did you do in this month's philatelic quiz?

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