Crimea bridge destruction on new stamp


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07 November 2022
Ukrposhta, the post office of Ukraine, have issued another special stamp with direct reference to the Russian invasion, this time highlighting the destruction of the Kerch bridge, which linked Russia with the Crimea.

The new stamp features artwork by Ukrainian artist Yurii Shapoval showing the destroyed bridge, and compares the explosion of the important transport link with the sinking of the RMS Titanic, going as far as including two figures, resembling actors Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in their famous pose from the blockbuster film about the ship’s doomed maiden voyage.

The margin of the stamp sheet features a drawing of fish swimming past a Russian road sign and traffic lights lying on the seabed. The sheet of stamps is being sold at UAH 126 (approximately £2.95) and 7 million copies are said to have been printed.

The speedy release of the stamp, just days after the bridge was destroyed on 8 October, has raised questions about the nature of the attack, but the Ukrainian authorities have not claimed responsibility.

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