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30 January 2012
imports_CCGB_michel-china_97728.jpg Book Reviews: Michel Catalogue China 2011-12
In the first of our regular book reviews we analyse that latest Michel catalogue on Chinese stamps ...

Michel China 2011/12 Catalogue
Schwaneberger Verlag Gmbh, 2011
ISBN 978-3-87858-188-8
rrp £64

The market for Chinese stamps is very buoyant, with some amazing prices being obtained at auctions. The Stanley Gibbons China catalogue published way back in the middle of 2011 probably needs updating already, so the arrival of the Michel, even in German, is welcome, though this too will have a relatively short shelf life.

It is the first volume of the Michel Far East catalogue. All parts and periods of mainland China are included, as well as the issues of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Manchukuo, Tibet, and the Japanese Occupation issues. As well as basic stamps, postage dues, etc., the modern Machine labels are included and priced both mint and used. FDC prices are given for the People’s Republic from November 1957 onwards.

The latest issues included for Taiwan are to June 2011, for the People’s Republic to July 2011, for Hong Kong, (including the earlier British period issues), until August 2011 and Macau to April 2011.

As to be expected both in early China, and especially the People’s Republic, there have been some sensational increases since the previous edition in late 2009, with some items as much as four times the previous figures, all quoted in Euros.

Many of the old images have been replaced by better quality ones, albeit still in black and white, (the SG China is in full colour). There are numerous additional notes, and editorial corrections, but the non-German reader should have no real problem using the catalogue. Information about the modern fluorescent control numbers is now provided, and there are notes about detecting forgeries.

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There are well over 700 pages, and an index to the countries in all the other Michel Overseas catalogues is provided.

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