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08 August 2012
imports_CCGB_picturepostcardvalues2_13476.jpg Picture Postcard Values 2012
We review this year's edition of Picture Postcard Values, one of the most popular catalogues for postcard collectors ...

by Phil & Dave Smith (ISBN 978-0-9548592-7-5)
rrp £12.95

As usual there are many new illustrations in this latest edition, together with some feature articles and revised lists; however most collectors will want to see what the market is doing.

A comparison of prices with an earlier edition, in this case the 1998 publication, is surprising. In many sections prices have moved on in the intervening fourteen years, but usually only by about 10 to 25 percent, except for the really rare items, and this is equally true of the Art, Comic, Greetings and Transport sections as it is, surprisingly of the Topographical section. Indeed many cards are virtually unaltered, or only a £1 here and there, some have even gone down.

Similar comments apply to the overseas cards in unused condition, but for used, many prices are double or even more than those in the earlier edition.

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The editors’ introduction to the Topographical section is revealing, and worth reading carefully, stating that common cards will always be common and most collectors will have them; rare cards will always be rare and because many collectors want them, these are where the price movements are highest. The same of course can be said of stamps.

The articles and features this time include a short note by Hunter Davies on Beatles cards; Brian Lund on modern cards; Bob Wilcock on Olympic cards, and Alan Roman listing over 100 Shell advertising cards. In addition there are extensive lists of Shipping Lines (with star ratings for value), and London Life and other social series with prices. The ever popular artist Raphael Kirschner has a priced section to himself.

With 224 pages, indexed and with many colour illustrations, this is an excellent A5 paperback at a very reasonable cover price; (the slimmer 1998 black and white edition was £9.95).

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