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01 October 2021
On what would have been Czeslaw Slania’s 100th birthday, Sweden issued a special miniature sheet to celebrate the renowned stamp engraver’s life.

The 100KR stamp features a beautiful engraving of Slania at work, whilst in the background of the sheet, made to look like a work surface, we see the artist’s 1,000th stamp, which was issued by Sweden in March 2000.

Czeslaw Slania was the most productive stamp artist of all time as he designed and/or engraved 1,080 unique motifs that appeared on a total of 1,547 stamps issued by 32 postal administrations.

Born in Poland, Slania moved to Sweden during the 1950s and remained in the country until the final years of his life. During that time he produced a range of stamps for Sweden.

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Issue date: 1 October 2021, www.postnord.se

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