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05 February 2018
british-bridges-1968-09687.jpg British Bridges 1968
The Europa 2018 stamp theme of bridges has inspired postal bureaux across the continent, as the first designs are revealed.

The Europa 2018 stamp theme of bridges has inspired postal bureaux across the continent, as the first designs are revealed.

Europa postage stamps are issued annually by member nations of the PostEurop association. Each year, a theme is chosen and each country issues stamps on that theme, putting their own spin on the subject and highlighting how the theme relates to their country, people and culture.

Europa 2018 - bridges

This year's theme is bridges and among the first countries to release their stamps are Jersey, Gibraltar and Iceland.

Jersey's bridges issue, due for release on 9 March 2018, features bridges and causeways around the island of Jersey which allow islanders and visitors to reach beauty spots which are often closed off during high tide. The two Europa stamps feature photographs of Havre de Pas bridge and a crossing over Queen's Valley reservoir.

Guernsey's stamps will be issued on 6 February and Guernsey Post has chosen to highlight the work of artist Leslie Gaduzo, with stamps featuring drawings of Corral Road Bridge, Landport Bridge, Montagu Curtain Bridge and the Windsor Suspension Bridge.

Finally, Iceland has issued details of its Europa 2018 designs, with stamps showing a bridge over the Elliðaár estuary and the Jökulsá river.

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Which other bridges could feature?

Britain has issued several attractive stamps on a bridges theme over the years, including a 1968 British Bridges set which included an M4 viaduct, the prehistoric Tarr steps, 18th-century Aberfeldy Bridge and Menai Bridge, built in 1826. Several bridges have also featured in their own right, including London's Tower Bridge and the iron bridge in Telford.

Will France perhaps feature its striking Millau Viaduct, which is the tallest in the world, or perhaps go for something more classic such as Pont Neuf in Paris? Italy also has world-famous structures which could feature, including the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

Vatican City often faces a challenge when interpreting each theme, due to its small size and religious character, however Pont Sant Angelo (The Angels' Bridge) in Rome could be a contendor. And the Europa Bridge in Austria, which opened in 1963, may well make an appearance on a stamp from Austria Post.

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