Harvest of the Sea


17 February 2022
Jersey’s seafood features on a new set of Post & Go stamps, entitled ‘Harvest of the Sea’, nicely complementing the new set from Guernsey to create a philatelic feast.

The Island of Jersey enjoys access to a wide range of seafood found in its surrounding waters, often Atlantic in origin, fresh-caught each day and supplied to the local fish markets and eateries.

Local fishers often adopt sustainable catching methods such as traditional potting methods for the lobster and hand diving for scallops.

These six Post & Go stamps are designed by local artist Ron Mills and depict Lobster, Mackerel, Scallops, Turbot, Spider Crab and Jersey Oysters in a colourful modern illustration style.

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Ron Mills said: ‘As a designer and illustrator, it has always been my ambition to design a set of stamps. I work in various artistic styles, so I thought a splashy watercolour look would best represent the watery nature of the subject matter.’

Issue date: 17 February 2022, www.jerseystamps.com

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