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Jersey Post, Postal Headquarters, Jersey, JE1 1AA, Tel: +44 (01534) 616717, Fax: +44 (01534) 616730, Email: [email protected]

Jersey Post commemorates La Corbière Lighthouse in latest stamp release
To commemorate 150 years since La Corbière Lighthouse was first lit, a new stamp issue which tells the story of its…
18 June 2024
Jersey’s Western Railway celebrated on new stamps set
Jersey Post have released a set of 6 stamps and a souvenir sheet which illustrates landmarks, locomotives and crew from…
20 May 2024
200 Years of the RNLI
Jersey Post have released a new stamp issue as part of a pan-island collection issued by Jersey Post, Isle of Man and…
08 March 2024
Underwater Fauna and Flora
On 8 January, Jersey issued its 2024 Europa issue on this year’s theme of ‘Underwater Fauna and Flora’.
08 January 2024
Jersey stamps explore meaning of Christmas
On 11 November, Jersey issued a set of eight stamps that explored the meaning of Christmas. For the issue, eight local…
03 November 2023
Jersey rallies new motorsport stamps
Eight new stamps and a miniature sheet from Jersey Post depict famous moments in World Rally Championship and Jersey…
14 September 2023
In the very best Societé
Jersey Post has issued 150 Years of the Société Jersiaise, a new set of eight stamps celebrating the 150th anniversary…
10 August 2023
Elizabeth Castle
Four new stamps from Jersey Post celebrate the island’s landmark Elizabeth Castle as a historic monument. 
06 August 2023
Dolls Houses and Miniatures
A set of six stamps and a souvenir sheetlet illustrating the delights of the Jersey Dolls House and Miniatures Club were…
02 August 2023

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