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Jersey Post stampsKeep up to date with the latest stamps from Jersey with our stamp guides.

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Jersey Post, Postal Headquarters, Jersey, JE1 1AA, Tel: +44 (01534) 616717, Fax: +44 (01534) 616730, Email: [email protected]

Harvest of the Sea
Jersey’s seafood features on a new set of Post & Go stamps, entitled ‘Harvest of the Sea’, nicely complementing the new…
17 February 2022
Visiting Commercial Aircraft
Jersey Post recently issued a set of six stamps and a miniature sheet on featuring visiting commercial aircraft in…
27 January 2022
Jersey: Year of the Tiger stamps
The seventh issue in Jersey Post’s Lunar New Year series celebrates the Year of the Tiger and comprises a single stamp…
04 January 2022
Jersey Stamps 2021
Discover much more about the range of special stamps issued by Jersey Post during 2021.
01 January 2022
It was the night before Christmas…
Jersey Post have released eight illustrated stamps depicting the story of the much-loved festive poem ‘A Visit from St.…
14 November 2021
Bergerac is back!
Jersey Post has issued a set of eight stamps on to commemorate Bergerac, the popular BBC crime drama set in Jersey…
18 October 2021
Birth of Formula One – 75 Years
Jersey Post celebrate the Birth of Formula One 75 years ago with ten stamps, dedicated to the ten British drivers that…
01 September 2021
150 Years of Brewing in Jersey
Jersey Post say 'cheers!' to many brewers on the island with a new set of six stamps.
31 August 2021
Take a tour of the Jersey parishes 
Jersey Post have issued a set of twelve illustrated stamps featuring colourful artwork by Lauren Radley representing…
20 August 2021

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