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Jersey Post stampsKeep up to date with the latest stamps from Jersey with our stamp guides.

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Jersey Post, Postal Headquarters, Jersey, JE1 1AA, Tel: +44 (01534) 616717, Fax: +44 (01534) 616730, Email: [email protected]

Jersey’s surfing heritage
Six stamps and a miniature sheet were recently issued by Jersey Post to celebrate the island’s status as a ‘surfing…
18 May 2021
Jersey from the air
Surrounded by crystal clear waters and luxurious fine-grained sand, the beautiful island of Jersey is renowned for its…
17 March 2021
Jersey’s coastal wildlife
Jersey seabirds and marine life are the subject of a set of six stamps and a souvenir coin. The stamps are part of the…
11 March 2021
Historic maps feature on Jersey Stamps
Six historic maps documenting Jersey’s cartographic history are to feature on a set of stamps to be issued by Jersey…
17 February 2021
Jersey Stamps 2020
Discover much more about the range of special stamps issued by Jersey Post during 2020.
08 February 2021
Jersey stamps: Year of the Ox
Jersey celebrate the Chinese Year of the Ox, an animal which is seen as a symbol of prosperity, being hardworking, kind…
05 January 2021
Jersey stamps: Coastal Towers
Six new stamps from Jersey feature fortifications that define Jersey’s coastline. From Georgian and Victorian era…
04 January 2021
Jersey Stamps: Flockdown - the story of the Lockdown Birds 
During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, we all found different ways of coping, be it baking, gardening, writing or…
03 January 2021
Jersey Stamps: Tales from the Sea
As an island, Jersey’s culture, identity and history have all been moulded by the ocean. As such, it is no surprise that…
06 October 2020

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