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Jersey Post stampsKeep up to date with the latest stamps from Jersey with our stamp guides.

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Jersey Post, Postal Headquarters, Jersey, JE1 1AA, Tel: +44 (01534) 616717, Fax: +44 (01534) 616730, Email: [email protected]

Jersey stamps celebrate legendary children’s author and illustrator, Judith Kerr
Much-loved author and illustrator Judith Kerr will be celebrated with a set of eight stamps and a miniature sheet on…
22 June 2023
First responders stamps from Jersey
Jersey Post has issued A History of Jersey’s Emergency Services, a new set of stamps celebrating the island’s emergency…
01 April 2023
Putting a stamp on the marketplace
Jersey’s traditional markets are celebrated in a new set of illustrated stamps and a miniature sheet
16 March 2023
View from on high
A drone’s-eye view of the glorious Jersey landscape is revealed in Jersey Post’s new stamps set ‘Jersey from the Air’
09 February 2023
Jersey Stamps 2022
Discover much more about the range of special stamps issued by Jersey Post during 2022.
16 January 2023
Chinese Year of the Rabbit
Jersey Post is celebrating the Chinese Year of the Rabbit with its first stamp to feature the cypher of King Charles…
05 January 2023
More than a touch of frost
An innovative taken on traditional Christmas icons from So Design Consultants lends a frosty contemporary aesthetic to…
16 December 2022
Jersey's Black History
Released during Black History Month, this set from Jersey Post highlights six individuals who played a part in Jersey’s…
27 October 2022
New life for old language
Jèrriais, the traditional language of Jersey, is being celebrated on a new set of stamps from Jersey Post
27 October 2022

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