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02 January 2020
The invention of the Land Rover has been celebrated on a new set of stamps from the Falkland Islands, where the off-road vehicles have proved very useful for local farmers.

The four stamps show different incarnations of the British car, which was conceived by The Rover Company shortly after the Second World War as a ‘stop-gap’ production vehicle for use by farmers and others requiring a light utility 4x4 vehicle.

According to the Falkland Islands philatelic bureau:

‘The first two [Land Rover] vehicles to come to the Falklands arrived in the same year, one of these being supplied to Chartres Farm on West Falkland. These were small and relatively light vehicles, of robust construction and general reliability. Their numbers in the Islands grew fast over the ensuing years.’

The stamp designs show:

  • A Series 1 88 Inch (32p value) which was produced from 1957-58
  • A Series 1 Hard Top (78p), said to be one of the most numerous of Series 1’s to come to the Islands and produced from 1954-57
  • The Series IIA Roadless Traction Forest Rover (£1.26) developed in 1961-62 by Roadless Traction for the Forestry Commission for traversing fallen trees and drainage ditches
  • The Series IIB Forward Control (£1.96), designed in 1963 as a larger load-carrier using 75% standard L/R parts.

Of the latter, the statement from the Falklands PO explained:

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‘Only four ever came to the Falklands. This particular vehicle did sterling service for the Ship Hotel, British Antarctic Survey and John Rowlands Construction, before being damaged in 1982. It was rebuilt in 1988 and continued to be used on a sheep station, where it is currently preserved.’

The First Day Cover for the set shows the first Rincon Grande farm Land Rover (1950 80”) being taken across to Gibraltar Station, for an overhaul in the new workshop garage, in a horse scow behind the motor boat around 1956.

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