New joint stamp issue from SEPAC


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28 September 2011
imports_CCGB_sepac1_76228.jpg New joint stamp issue from SEPAC
SEPAC issues the third in its 'scenery' series of stamps. ...

Members of the Small European Postal Administration Cooperation (SEPAC) have released a new joint stamp issue, the third in its 'scenery' theme, under which SEPAC stamps were also issued in 2007 and 2009. Twelve of the fourteen members of SEPAC have released a stamp and all stamps in this issue bear the SEPAC logo.

The stamps are available individually from the individual postal administrations, and also in a joint folder titled 'Beautiful Corners of Europe 3'. The folder, which is available in a limited edition of 7,700, holds twelve stamps, and gift coupons from each postal administration which can be mailed to each country to receive additional information and free gifts.

For further details, visit the SEPAC website.