40 years of marriage of the Grand Ducal couple


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09 March 2021
On the occasion of the 40th wedding anniversary of LL.AA.RR. the Grand-Duke and the Grand-Duchess, POST Luxembourg produced and issued a special stamp "40 years of marriage of the Grand-Ducal Couple".

Their Royal Highnesses met in the 1970s while studying at the University of Geneva. The engagement took place on November 7, 1980 followed by the celebration of the marriage in 1981, on February 14, Valentine's Day, in the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg.

Stamp details

Stamp price: € 0.80
Photo: © Grand-Ducal Court / Emanuele Scorcelletti
Layout: Fargo sàrl (LU)
Printing: High definition offset in four-color process by Bpost Stamps Factory, Mechelen (BE)
Format: 48.75 x 38.15 mm, 10 stamps per sheet


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