New US nostalgia stamps evoke the family fun of state and county fairs


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27 June 2019
State and county fairs
Four se-tenant stamps from the US Postal Service together form a nostalgic image of a family enjoying a country fair.

These annual events are enjoyed by families across the US, bringing communities together to share skills, fun and learning opportunities.

The USPS explains that the four stamps have been designed by Mike Ryan, using artworks by Mick Wiggins, to work together as a 'panorama of familiar, traditional fair activities', although each stamp also works as a standalone souvenir.

Farm fairs in the United States date back to the pioneer days, with opportunities for people in isolated areas to come together and learn about innovations in farming and farm equipment and to trade and socialise.

Nowadays, the emphasis is more on leisure and fun, although contests for producing the biggest and best home-grown and home-baked goods are still eagerly contested.

Stamp details

Issue date: 25 July 2019

Art director: Greg Breeding

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Artist: Mick Wiggins

Design: Mike Ryan

Denomination: Forever

Image copyright usps. To purchase the stamps, visit the USPS website.

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