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01 December 2012
imports_CCGB_finlands2013europasta_30211.jpg Finland's 2013 Europa stamp
A host of philatelic bureaux have revealed their stamp plans for the coming year, giving thematic stamp collectors the chance to plan ahead and target specific issues throughout 2013. ...

A host of philatelic bureaux have revealed their stamp plans for the coming year, giving thematic stamp collectors the chance to plan ahead and target specific issues throughout 2013.

Top of the bill for sci-fi fans will be the Doctor Who stamps to be issued by Royal Mail in March. Read more about Royal Mail's 2013 stamp schedule.

Jersey Post’s stamp plans include the themes of horse racing, on a stamp set planned for April celebrating 1983 Grand National Winner Corbiere, the horse named after the south-western tip of the channel island; and Formula 1 in August, with a stamp issue marking the career of Nigel Mansell who now lives in Jersey.

A host of European countries will show postal vehicles on their stamps to coincide with the 2013 Europa theme.

Finland are set to issue two stamps in May, one showing a modern post van and a second value showing a vintage post bus. Read more about Finland's stamp schedule.

Both Iceland and Belgium have opted to show just modern vehicles on their pairs of stamps, and many other countries will also take the chance to feature the post office logo as seen from their modern fleet of vehicles.

Postal services will also feature on the stamps of Canada, with a ‘250th Anniversary of Formalized Postal Service’ set planned to celebrate the start of the postal service between Quebec, Montreal and Trois-Rivières in 1793.
Other notable stamp sets from Canada include ‘Haunted Canada’ and the next part of the series celebrating ‘Canadian Recording Artists’ this time focusing on pop groups.

Those collectors seeking the unusual will not be left wanting in 2013

Finland will celebrate strange contests such as wife-carrying and anthill-sitting on stamps.

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Switzerland will be celebrating the cartoon Smurfs, as well as honouring 111 people in a 'Faces of Switzerland' set.

Belgium will be issuing 'Belgian Chocolate' stamps which taste and smell of chocolate.

Iceland will provide a brief guide to building a hot dog, complete with mustard, raw onion and and ketchup, on a sinlge value due in March. A subject sure to whet the appetite of all stamp collectors.


2013 stamp schedules:

  • Adopt a pet
  • Gates of Chinatown
  • Motorcycles
  • Robertson Davies (1913-1995)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
  • 250th Anniversary of Formalized Postal Service (1763)
  • Canadian Photography
  • Haunted Canada
  • Lunar New Year: Year of the Snake
  • Canadian Pride
  • Baby Wildlife
  • Signs of the Zodiac
  • The Queen
  • Black History
  • Magnolias
  • The War of 1812
  • Children’s Literature
  • Canadian Recording Artists
  • Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment, 150th anniversary

    Emancipation Proclamation
    Sealed with Love
    Kaleidascope Flowers
    Year of the Snake
    Modern Art in America
    Rosa Parks
    Global Forever
    Spicebush Swallowtail
    Yes, I do
    Lydia Mendoza
    Tufted Puffins
    Arlington Green Bridge
    Where Dreams Below
    Patriotic Star
    Grand Central Terminal

    more to be confirmed

    Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union
    The Gathering 2013
    St Patrick's Day
    50th Anniversary of the Irish Cancer Society 
    Contemporary Arts II (Visual Arts)
    Europa: Postal Vehicles
    Dublin - UNESCO City of World Literature
    John F Kennedy 1917-1963
    The Irish Defence Forces (Óglaigh na hÉireann)
    Irish Animals & Marine Life - Phase IV 
    Centenary of the General Lockout
    The Port of Cork
    Ireland – An integrated society
    Contemporary Public Buildings
      Hong Kong
    Year of the Snake
    The 150th Anniversary of the International Committee of the Red Cross
    Children Stamps – My Pet and I
    Revitalisation of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong
    Cruise Terminal at Kai Tak
    Chinese and Western Wedding Customs
    World Heritage in China Series No. 2: The Old Town of Lijiang
    Hong Kong Buses
    Inclusive Arts
    Innovation and Technology
    Our Legislative Council
    Belgian chocolate
    Red Admiral butterfly
    100 year birthday first airmail
    20 years reign of King Albert II of Belgium
    100 years of Royal Belgian Meteorological Institute
    Henry Van De Velde - Belgian painter, architect and interior designer
    150 years Red Cross - destinations outside Europe
    Christmas stamps 2013
    Highlights include:
    Faces of Switzerland
    Gottlieb Duttweiler, founder of Migros supermarket chain
    Ernst Kreidolf, illustrator and author of children’s books
    Rock singer Polo Hofer
    Centenary of the Lötschberg Railway
    500 years of Appenzell
    150 years of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC)
    75 years of Swiss Council for Accident Prevention
    50 years of civil defence

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