Royal Mail's Christmas 2021 stamps


02 December 2021
It’s that time again and, as we keep our fingers crossed for a more sociable season of goodwill this year, Royal Mail have revealed the designs of their Christmas stamps, this time retelling the traditional Christmas story.

Royal Mail celebrates Christmas 2021 with a series of eight stamps, illustrated by renowned artist, Jorge Cocco. Born in Argentina in 1936, Cocco has, in more recent years, focussed on religious and sacred subjects  using a ‘post-cubist’ style; it is this approach which is seen on the new stamps.

The eight stamps are made up of six different designs, and four of the stamps feature a barcode alongside the stamp image, adding a modern feel to this traditional tale.

The illustrations reflect on key events from the oft-told Christmas story, so we see:

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  • angels on the 2nd class stamp and the barcoded 2nd class value
  • Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem on the ‘Large’ 2nd class stamp
  • Mary and baby Jesus on the 1st class stamps
  • the magi observing a star on the £1.70 value
  • the magi presenting gifts to the new baby on the £2.55 stamp
  • and finally shepherds are seen with their flocks on the 1st class ‘Large’ stamp. 

The postmarks for the set reflect key parts of the Nativity story; the Tallents House postmark shows an angel, whist the alternative Bethlehem, Llandeilo postmark shows mother and child.