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18 January 2016
Screen-Shot-2016-01-18-at-15.25.37-61296.png Stamp showcase feature
Readers can now showcase their own stamp collections in Stamp & Coin Mart! Find out how you can share your stamps here… ...

Readers can now showcase their own stamp collections in Stamp & Coin Mart!

The 'Stamp showcase' feature, in every issue of the magazine, allows readers to show off some of their favourite philatelic items, whether they are stamps, covers, postal history items or postcards.

Produced in association with the ABPS, the monthly article includes illustrations and descriptions of notable philatelic items from a collection, advice from the collector, and expert commentary on the collection from an ABPS representative, giving readers an insight into forming, improving and presenting a philatelic exhibit.

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The regular feature provides readers with a great way to share the enthusiasm for stamp collecting, and gain advice and tips from fellow collectors, while the story behind the stamps is also told in detail.

Editor Matt Hill said: 'It’s wonderful to sample your collections and share them with fellow readers, so please get in contact with me if you would like your stamps or covers to be featured in a future magazine.'

To take part in the article we just need:

  • Around 12-15 high-resolution scans of items in your collection
  • A brief explanation of each item
  • Your answers to some simple questions about your collection and collecting, which we will e-mail to you
  • A photograph of yourself

Share your stamps with fellow Stamp & Coin Mart readers by e-mailing the editor. We can't wait to hear from you!

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