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08 February 2013
imports_CCGB_1965issuethefirstin_43150.jpg 1965 issue, the first in the series of annual Stamp Day issues that would continue until 1992. It depicts imaginary stamps
The first stamps of the new Czechoslovakian Republic went on sale in Prague on the 18 December, 1918, and the anniversary of this day was later celebrated by the release of an annual stamp, as our stamp collecting guide reveals. ...

The first stamps of the new Czechoslovakian Republic went on sale in Prague on the 18 December, 1918. This was clearly an important date in Czechoslovakian philately, and its anniversary was celebrated by the release of a miniature sheet on 18 December, 1948 and a single stamp on the same day in 1958.

It was not until 18 December, 1965, however, that the first stamp in what was to be an annual Stamp Day series was issued.

The series continued unbroken until Czechoslovakia separated into the independent states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia on 1 January 1993.

A complete collection of the Czechoslovakian Stamp Day series is impressive and can be assembled at little cost.

Every Stamp Day issue consisted of just one stamp but in an unusual rectangular shape. The subjects depicted on the stamps vary. For the first six years they had illustrations of stamps, both real and imaginary.

The 1968 issue was notable for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Czechoslovakian stamps with illustrations of the 5 heller and 10 heller values, which were the two issued on 18th December 1918.

The stamps from 1971 to 1980 had a variety of designs, ranging from posthorns, a mounted postman, postmarks, a carrier pigeon and Prague Castle. Most notably, the 1978 stamp bore a portrait of Alfons Mucha and his design for the 1918 Hradcany stamps.

From 1981, Stamp Day issues began to have more consistent themes. From then until 1985 the stamps featured engravers of Czechoslovakian stamps, with illustrations of the tools of their trade.

Stamp Day issues from 1986 onwards featured designers of Czechoslovakian stamps, with portraits of the designers and examples of their stamp designs.

The last Stamp Day issue took place on 18 December, 1992 and featured Jindra Schmidt, a prolific designer and engraver of Czech postage stamps. This was, in fact, the very last stamp issue of the Czechoslovakian Republic, a fitting end to 74 years of stamp production.

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