Stamp collecting round-up: Christmas stamps issued around the world


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10 November 2015
CanadasfunChristmasst_48258-54110.png seasonal stamps
A host of philatelic bureaux around the world have revealed their seasonal stamps, as our stamp collecting round-up reveals

A host of philatelic bureaux around the world have revealed their seasonal stamps.

Jersey and Guernsey have opted to show stained glass windows on their festive stamps, with a definite religious theme. New Zealand have also gone for stained glass, ‘ranging in design from the traditional to the contemporary’.

Nativity scenes
Royal Mail re-tell the familiar nativity story across six designs, and an Australian 65c stamp depicts the scene shortly after the birth of Christ.

There’s a more jovial nativity scene in Lichtenstein’s set of four, which celebrate Christmas carols, while Monaco’s 76 cent value features a drawing of the Virgin and Child with the palm trees of the principality in the background.

Secular stamps
Canada have gone for some animal magic on their secular stamps, with three designs showing a bull moose wearing a red scarf and hat; a beaver sporting a flat cap and chewing on some holly; and a polar bear in a red cap, scarf and sweater, respectively.

Aland and Greenland have taken similar routes; Greenland’s single issue shows three polar bears looking towards a star, and Aland’s Christmas seals show two birds and two reindeer flying through the air on skis.

The tiny Finnish region’s two seasonal stamps also feature birds and reindeer, and incorporate the beautiful ‘paper art’ of Fideli Sundqvist, who created the originals for the stamps entirely in paper before photographing them.

Swiss Post’s four values must be some of the year’s brightest issues, showing colourful snow globes packed full of seasonal items such as baubles, a snowman, presents and candles.

Meanwhile Denmark’s stamps are less vibrant, they still get us in the festive mood, showing three Christmas biscuits ready to be eaten.

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