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06 December 2013
imports_CCGB_usayearofthehorsesta_69651.png USA Year of the Horse stamp. (c) USPS. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
As we look forward to a new year of stamp collecting, we provide a guide to the many stamps due to be issued in 2014, as philatelic bureaux around the world reveal their plans for the next twelve months… ...
As we look forward to a new year of stamp collecting, we provide a guide to the many stamps due to be issued in 2014, as philatelic bureaux around the world reveal their plans for the next twelve months…

From the Winter Olympics to the centenary of World War One, there are a wide range of subjects covered in the stamp schedules for 2014.

The Chinese Year of the Horse is first on many bureaux list of new stamps, while other subjects to be honoured include dinosaurs (Hong Kong), actor Charlton Heston (USA), and traditional musical instruments (this year's Europa stamps theme).

Great War commemorations

There will be many stamps issued to mark the centenary of the outbreak of World War One during the year.

Canada will look back on the Great War using a famous photograph with the poignant title 'Wait for me Daddy!' To be issued to coincide with Remembrance Day, the Canadian stamp will show the famous photo taken by Claude P. Dettloff on 1 October, 1940, which captured the moment Private Jack Bernard's son broke away from his mother to give his father a hug while he was marching with the British Columbia Regiment. The picture received extensive exposure and was used in war-bond drives.

Use the following quick links to view the stamp schedule of each country:




Great Britain


Hong Kong




Alderney Stamp Schedule 2014

12 Febraury
• Alderney Ladybirds

28 May
• Bayeux Tapestry Final Panel

30 July
• The Life of Ian Fleming
• First Birthday of Prince George

29 October
• Alderney Christmas Stamps

11 November
• Centenary of The Great War

Denmark Stamp Schedule 2014

• Nordic Cuisine
• Spring Flowers

• Nordic Coastlines
• Musical Instruments
• Dybbøl 1864
• Centenary of Wegner and Mogensen

• Princess Benedikte’s 70th Birthday

• Danish Manor Houses
• Danish schools for 200 years
• Prince Henrik’s 80th birthday
• Centenary of ‘Den Frie’ Centre of Contemporary Art

• Hans Christian Andersen
• Handwriting
• 400th Anniversary of the Guard Hussar Regiment
• Stamp Art

• Winter release

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Canada Stamp Schedule 2014

Definitive stamps
• Flags over UNESCO's World Heritage sites
• Baby wildlife

Commemorative stamps
• Lunar New Year: Year of the horse
• Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
• Black History: Africville and Hogan’s Alley
• Flowers: Roses
• Royal Ontario Museum: 100th Anniversary
• Canadian photography
• National Film Board: 75th Anniversary
• RMS Empress of Ireland, 100th Anniversary
• UNESCO World Heritage Sites
• Haunted Canada
• Canadian Comedians
• Komagata Maru Incident, 100th Anniversary
• Country Music Artists
• Canada Post Community Foundation
• Children’s Literature: Caillou, 25th Anniversary
• 'Wait for me, Daddy!'
• Christmas, Santa and Religious Theme

Great Britain Stamp Schedule 2014

Jan - Classic Children’s TV
Feb - Working Horses
Feb - Classic Locomotives of Wales
Mar - Remarkable Lives
Apr - Buckingham Palace
May - Great British Film
June - Sustainable Fish
July - Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
July - The Great War — 1914
Sept - Seaside Architecture
Oct - Prime Ministers
Nov - Christmas
Feb - Spring Blooms
Sept- Symbolic Flowers
Nov - Winter Greenery

Read more about Great Britain's Stamp Scheule 2014 on our dedicated page

Guernsey Stamp Schedule 2014

8 January
• Chinese New Year - Year of the Horse

12 February
• Endangered Species: The Orangutan

8 May
• Europa - National Musical Instruments

28 May 
• Celebrating 50 years of Britain in Bloom (SEPAC)

30 July
• Marine Life II: Crustaceans  
• Scenes of Guernsey (NVI Self-stick)

29 October
• Guernsey Christmas Stamps

11 November
• Centenary of The Great War

Hong Kong Stamp Schedule 2014

• Year of the Horse - 11 January
• Heartwarming - 23 January
• Chinese Dinosaurs - 20 February
• Weather Phenomena - 27 March
• International Day of Families - 15 May
• Hong Kong Museums Collection - 17 June
• 2014 Hong Kong Definitive Stamps - July (TBC)
• Cantonese Opera Costumes - 21 August
• Hong Kong, China – Malaysia Joint Issue on Local Food - 9 October
• Christmas Stamps III - 4 November
• World Heritage in China Series No. 3: China Danxia - 4 December

Iceland Stamp Schedule 2014

16 January
• Eimskip, Shipping Company, 100th Anniversary
• Statistics Iceland 100th Anniversary
• Icelandic Eagle
• Tourist stamps III

27 March
• Icelandic design V. Arcitecture: Hofsós swimming pool,
• Akureyri Park Coffee house, Borgarfjörður High School, Reykjavík Footbridge
• The North by the Sea III. Ships at Sea.
• Europa 2014. Instruments: Stoneharp and magnetic harp

8 May
• Town festivals in Iceland II. Höfn Lobster Festival, Siglufjörður Herring Adventure, Reykjanesbær Night of Lights, Stykkishólmur Danish Days, Reykjavík Culture Night
• Parks V. The Pavilion Garden, Sepac stamp and the Klamtún park
• Icelandic stern trawlers and multi-purpose trawlers

11 September
• Lighthouses IV. The Dyrhólaey lighthouse and the Akranes lighthouse
• Joint issue Iceland – Denmark. Icelandic Manuscripts from the Árni Magnusson collection
• Day of the Stamp 2014. 150th anniversary of the building of the Flatey library, one of the oldest public libraries in Iceland

Iceland stamps - Europa issue 20146 November
• Icelandic Visual Arts V. Life in the city
• Christmas stamps 2014

Switzerland Stamp Schedule 2014

6 February
• 150 Years Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Switzerland and Japan

6 March
• 100 years Swiss Air Force
• 125 years of Swiss Army Post
• 100 years Swiss National Park
• International Year of Crystallography 2014
• Definitive stamps - Mushrooms

8 May
• Renewable energy
• 125 Years Pilatus cogweehl railway
• Special Olympics National Games 2014
• Local Museums
• Europa: National music instruments
• Cities of Switzerland

21 May
• Joint issue - Switzerland/Russia

4 September
• Swiss vocational championships
• Garfield
• Wild Animals
• Lindau messenger

13 November
• Typical Swiss countryside
• Christmas
• Celebrity stamp: Pipilotti Rist

USA Stamp Schedule 2014 (tbc)

• Lunar New Year (Forever)
• Love: Cut Paper Heart
• Black Heritage: Shirley Chisholm
• Winter Flowers
• Floral Wedding
• Medal of Honor: Korean War
• Legends of Hollywood: Charlton Heston
• Pioneers of Graphic Design
• Civil War
• War of 1812
• Flag over Fort McHenry
• Songbirds
• Hummingbird
• Alfred “Chief” Anderson
• Ralph Ellison
• Lincoln Memorial
• Great Spangled Fritillary
• Verrazano Narrows Bridge
• USS Arizona Memorial

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