Your guide to thematics - collecting stamps by theme, also known as 'topical stamp collecting'

The rock 'n' roll theme on stamps: The day the music died
On February 3, 1959 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the 'Big Bopper' JP Richardson died in a tragic air crash. Here,…
13 July 2020
Collecting Disney theme park stamps: an expert guide
Bring some fun and colour to your stamp collecting by starting a Disney theme park theme. This thematic has plenty of…
16 August 2019
Thematics: top tips for collecting space-themed stamps
Since time immemorial man has taken an interest in space trying to understand as much as possible about the planets and…
09 July 2019
French leader Charles de Gaulle on stamps
We chart the life of the esteemed French leader Charles de Gaulle, who became President 50 years ago this month, and has…
13 January 2019
Marie Curie on stamps
Polish-born scientist Marie Curie's dedication to science led to revolutionary discoveries and her presence on many…
26 November 2018
Post offices reveal Xmas stamps
The countdown to Christmas has begun and postal authorities around the world are revealing their seasonal stamps, as our…
01 November 2018
Collect stamps by theme: Magic and magicians on stamps
Magicians have been astonishing audiences around the world for hundreds of years, and in more recent years many have…
24 October 2018
Collecting by theme: Abraham Lincoln on USA stamps
The life of Abraham Lincoln provides plenty of scope for a thematic stamp collection, as our collecting guide to stamps…
17 October 2018
How to start a thematic on the history of books and printing
Explore the history of communications, from cave paintings through to glossy magazines, with our guide to creating a…
15 October 2018

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