Your guide to thematics - collecting stamps by theme, also known as 'topical stamp collecting'

Thematics: books on stamps
Now that the nights are drawing in and we are spending more time indoors, some of us just love to curl up on the sofa…
22 November 2021
Thematics: Mushroom stamps
Do you have mush-room in your collection for more stamps? In her latest thematics column, Katrin Raynor-Evans takes a…
07 October 2021
Thematics: Autumnal issues
The nights are drawing in, leaves are starting to fall, and autumn is on its way. It might feel a little colder, but…
29 September 2021
Thematics: Mermaids on stamps
In her latest thematics guide, Katrin Raynor-Evans dives into the unusual theme of mermaids on stamps, and discovers…
02 September 2021
Thematics: Lighthouse stamps
Lighthouses are a hugely popular theme and Katrin Raynor-Evans has spent many happy holidays on the coast, spotting…
26 August 2021
Thematics: Wonderful Weather!
With the British summer in full swing, Katrin Raynor-Evans grabs her umbrella and sun-screen and takes a look at the…
19 August 2021
Thematics: Celebrating the Olympics!
In her regular thematics column, collector Katrin Raynor-Evans, looks back on the Tokyo Olympics and reveals some of the…
12 August 2021
Thematics: Beautiful Butterflies
Adonis Blue, Morpho helenor, Ulysses and Isabella may sound like names out of a Greek history book, but they are in fact…
05 August 2021
Thematics: Plants
Katrin Raynor-Evans continues to combine her love of stamps with the great outdoors this week, as she takes a look at…
29 July 2021

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