Your guide to thematics - collecting stamps by theme, also known as 'topical stamp collecting'

Top five tobacco related stamps
With bans on smoking in public places and a continuing campaign to dissuade smokers from lighting up, tobacco is not as…
08 July 2016
Top five European architecture stamps
Our pick of the top five stamps issued to support the European Architectural Year of 1975.
09 June 2016
Top five ecology stamps
The 2016 Europa theme is Ecology in Europe – Think Green.Start your own themed collection with our guide to five of the…
12 May 2016
Collecting bird stamps – starting a birds thematic
Get your birds thematic off to a great start with our in-depth guide to collecting bird stamps from around the world
12 April 2016
Top five William Shakespeare stamps
We present our pick of five stamps celebrating the life and work of the bard from Stratford on Avon
08 April 2016
Five archaeology stamps to start a collection
Explore the world’s history through material remains with our pick of five top archaeology stamps…
12 February 2016
Five stamps on a lighthouse theme
Give your stamp collection a maritime flavour with our pick of five top lighthouse themed stamps.
07 January 2016
Collecting cricket stamps - five cricket stamps to start your collection
There have been many cricket stamps issued over the years, giving collectors and cricket fans the chance to create a…
10 August 2015
Stamp collecting blog: Thematics and the new issues stamp market
In our latest blog on collecting stamps by theme, stamp dealer, experts and Stamp & Coin Mart Advisory Panel member…
07 November 2014

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