Ten GB stamp guides to improve your knowledge


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04 November 2020
We have a growing library of stamp guides to help you improve your knowledge and your stamp collection. Check out these ten guides to GB stamps and find out more about the nation's stamps in preparation for the first Collectors' Conference.

10 facts about the 1840 Penny Black stamp

Discover fascinating facts about one of the world's most famous stamps. How many do you know?

The 1840 Mulready postal stationery

Mulready stationery appeared at the same time as the Penny Black and Twopenny Blue, in May 1840, and was expected to be more popular than postage stamps. Find out more in our quick guide to Mulreadys…

Your in-depth guide to stamps of King Edward VII

Thanks to the relatively short time on the throne, the British stamps of King Edward VII present the collector with an eminently-collectable subject, find out more in our stamp guide.

Ten rare King George V stamps collectors would love to own

Discover ten notable stamps from the reign of King George V, the so-called 'Collector King', in this special auction results update.

Your in-depth guide to the stamps of King George V

Read our an overview of KGV stamps issued in Britain during the collector King’s reign.

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The 1936 King Edward VIII definitive stamps… designed by a school boy

We look at the inspiration behind the King Edward VIII definitives of 1936 and reveal the identity of a young designer who received little credit or remuneration when the stamps were issued.

An introduction to the British stamps of King George VI

The stamps of King George VI are very popular with collectors and it is relatively easy to form a good collection, as our in-depth 'longer read' guide explains.

How to collect the 1955 £1 Windsor Castle

The first high values of the Queen’s reign have long interested collectors thanks to the beautifully produced artwork depicting the home nations’ iconic castles. Find out more and see recent prices paid in our latest stamp guide.

A history of British Xmas stamps

Feeling festive already? Join us for a look back over the many Christmas stamps issued by Britain since the 1960s.

The latest British stamps

Prefer something more modern? Keep up to date with British special stamps issued by Royal Mail with our stamp guides.