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Sticky Swiss stamps!
Swiss Post are celebrating the invention of Velcro with a unique miniature sheet
10 August 2023
Centenary of an island church
Tristan da Cunha is commemorating the 100th anniversary of St Mary’s Church with new stamp releases
10 August 2023
50 years of independence
A new four-stamp issue from The Bahamas marks the island’s 50th anniversary of independence on 10 July 1973.
10 August 2023
Vikings put their stamp on Sepac
Åland Post’s new contribution to the Sepac stamp series on the theme of traditional markets puts the spotlight on its…
10 August 2023
NZ Post celebrates 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup with new stamp issue
This year's event is being co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand
10 August 2023
Monaco International Cat Show
Monaco have issued a single stamp to mark the holding of the Monaco International Cat Show, set to take place in…
08 July 2023
International Bouquet Competition
Monaco have issued a single stamp to mark the holding of the 54th International Bouquet Competition, set to take place…
06 July 2023
Traditional markets in Guernsey
Guernsey’s colourful traditional markets are celebrated on a set of stamps from Guernsey Post, their contribution to the…
05 July 2023
Stamps focus on vision of a sustainable future for Åland
Åland Post highlights sustainability and environmental work on two personal and hopeful stamps that will be issued as a…
05 July 2023

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