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Snow crystals from Switzerland
The charming wintry scenes on Swiss Post’s 2023 ‘Snow Crystals’ Christmas stamps were inspired by the contrast between…
16 November 2023
Winter woodland wildlife on US stamps
Deer, rabbits, owls and foxes, four species that make their homes in American woodlands, have been chosen to feature on…
14 November 2023
Luxembourg charity stamps depict the orchid
Luxembourg's 'Orchids 2' set of four stamps feature four different species of the flower.
14 November 2023
Aland's festive stamps promote peace
With global conflicts raging, the message of peace on Åland’s 2023 Christmas stamps strikes a heartfelt note. Åland is a…
13 November 2023
Guernsey celebrate the Christmas story
Guernsey Post’s philatelic bureau has issued Bailiwick Christmas stamps depicting scenes from the story of Jesus’s…
07 November 2023
Jersey stamps explore meaning of Christmas
On 11 November, Jersey issued a set of eight stamps that explored the meaning of Christmas. For the issue, eight local…
03 November 2023
Woolly jumper stamp from Austria
Austria Post have never been able to resist a novelty stamp, now it seems they’re producing their own line of stamp…
02 November 2023
Luxembourg stamp celebrates Christmas 2023
Luxembourg's Christmas stamps for 2023 have a serious message, with graffiti artist Alain Welter's designs providing a…
02 November 2023
SALT (Sound Art Live Theatre) stamps from Faroe Islands
A miniature sheet released by the Faroe Islands on 23 October features two stamps that illustrate SALT (Sound Art Live…
23 October 2023

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